Google Ads & Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing Services

Paid ads are an essential tool for businesses that want to compete online. Clicklabs is an expert full-service digital marketing agency that builds and executes paid ad campaigns focused on brand reputation and increasing conversions. We help you rank higher on search engines and build the audience you need to thrive. Our PPC solutions give you an edge to generate more leads, boost revenue, and stay engaged with customers.

Targeted Ads that Drive Traffic

Companies can boost brand awareness or increase sales with targeted Google Ads. PPC campaigns get you more traffic in competitive markets. Now, virtually every business has an online presence, so differentiation is more of a challenge. Breaking into crowded markets or getting on the first search results page is a tall task for new or small companies.

At Clicklabs, we create PPC campaigns that get you better exposure early on. You’ll see the traffic you need to grow by focusing on the right keywords and audiences. PPC is often an excellent way to generate organic visits to your site and other online content.

Expert Marketing Support

Today’s online marketplace is highly competitive. It’s a crowded field with strict regulations, changing algorithms, and discerning consumers.

Whether you’re dealing with a drop in traffic or are struggling to gain critical mass online, we’ve got years of experience helping businesses win with marketing tactics and proven strategies. Our team uses the latest tools and research to reach your potential customers faster in creative ways that tell your story.

Stop spending money on shotgun marketing without defined goals. Our digital marketing experts will help you understand what’s not working and how to fix things to get back on track. Experience a real return on your marketing investments with leading online ads that convert.

Google Ads vs. Social Media Marketing vs. SEO

What’s the difference between Google Ads and PPC? Typically, PPC refers to any marketing dollars spent buying keywords or targeting a specific demographic. Businesses pay for each click when a customer clicks on a link, image, or promotion. The system works quite well because you’re only paying for impressions. However, things like poorly written copy, low-quality images, or the wrong keywords can mean dollars wasted if people click but don’t purchase or fill out a contact form, etc.

Google Ads refers to PPC campaigns specifically on Google properties like its search engine or Google Maps. The same general rules apply: marketers choose searches where they want their ads to appear, then pay for the cost per click anytime a searcher clicks on their ads.

Search engine optimization (SEO) involves changes to your website, video content, social media posts, etc., highlighting target keywords, locations, or services.

Though different, SEO, Google Ads, and PPC are all part of a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. Usually, companies see the best results when they use an all-up approach to both paid and unpaid marketing. At Clicklabs, we help clients understand the marketing landscape and develop winning strategies that build better brand recognition and consumer trust.

Different Types of PPC Ads

search engine

Search Ads

People use search to research products and services before they purchase. Search is still a massive marketplace with billions of potential leads. The best ads draw people to sites and create lifelong customers.

Social Media

Social Media Ads

We have social media experts ready to broaden your online reach. Build ad campaigns across platforms to raise your profile and widen the net. Social is growing each year rapidly, and successful businesses are investing in social media ads.


YouTube Ads

YouTube dominates the streaming and online video marketplace. However, there are now multiple channels where you can place PPC ads to convert leads that follow popular online personalities or love to consume video content.

email app

Email Ads

Did you know that you can place paid ads in popular email services like Gmail and Yahoo? With sponsored ads, you can display banners on top of inboxes to relevant demographics where they can contact you with the click of a mouse.

google search console

Amazon Ads

Amazon opened its marketplace to PPC ads as an additional revenue stream. Companies can now leverage Amazon’s detailed customer information and vast product selection. Capitalize on searches for similar products, and get your items in front of interested customers.

google search console

Localized Paid Ads

Local ads are terrific for companies offering services in specific locations. For example, roofing companies can target searchers in a city, state, or region. We support local businesses with defined ads that boost local reputations and create new leads.

web graphics

Display Ads

PPC ads on Google’s search engine are typically text-only. However, display ads allow companies to post ads with rich content like photos, videos, Gifs, and more. These are often more captivating, which increases the chances someone will click on the ads. We use expert marketers and writers to design the best possible ads.

a lot of people


Did you know you can target people who’ve visited your website before? Remarketing is a fantastic marketing strategy because these are people who know your brand and are at least somewhat familiar with your products. It’s also low-cost in comparison to most other types of PPC marketing because the search is so targeted.

Generate Fast Results with PPC Marketing

Clicklabs is ready to customize PPC campaigns to help you find customers looking for what you’re offering. One of the best things about PPC is that you can start small and refine the process until you find your sweet spot. Then, by capitalizing on what works, you can capture large market segments of interested customers ready to commit.

Let us help you launch the next successful PPC strategy for your company. Our digital marketing experts are ready to deliver the excellent results you expect.