Engage Your Audience with Targeted Ads

Social media advertising is a powerful tool leading businesses use to boost traffic and generate high-quality leads. Across platforms, social media ads attract people likely to have similar interests and buying habits. Growth in social media frequently translates into higher engagement levels, website visits, and purchases.

At Clicklabs, we design and execute social media advertising campaigns that build your brand with organic traffic that converts.

Powerful Social Media Ad Campaigns

We offer full-service social media advertising services to help you focus your efforts online. Creating content across multiple media outlets is complex and requires a great deal of time. Often, social media is an underserved aspect of many businesses because they simply don’t have the bandwidth. Hiring an internal social media manager is costly, so outsourcing to expert specialists is the best option.

The Clicklabs team works with clients to build social media campaigns that speak in their voice and connect with customers correctly. We deep dive into your company to understand your market position and future goals.

Paid social media campaigns require years of experience and modern software tools to manage costs effectively and hit targets. Unfortunately, many organizations fail to plan campaigns. As a result, they spend a lot of money with little to show for it.

We know how to connect businesses with high-quality leads that will most likely visit your site, click links, and buy your products. Get the support you need to make an impact in front of more people.

The Basics of Social Media Advertising

Most people have heard of social media advertising, but few business leaders know about building and managing paid ad campaigns. However, as more people spend time on social media platforms, winning businesses learn how to write and place targeted ads that boost revenue and build brand reputation.

Social media advertising is one of the most effective ways to promote products and services. Some common social media platforms include:







While platforms have similarities, each requires expertise due to varying formats and advertising guidelines. Companies pay to place ads in user feeds or before a video clip. In addition, high-profile social media users (influencers) receive sponsorships to highlight or use products and services.

How It Works

Businesses run ads on social media platforms to generate leads or drive sales. Usually, they place ads in feeds based on specific criteria, such as:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Location
  • Interests
  • Education
  • Income
  • & Other factors

One of the main advantages of social media is that users tend to list detailed profile information that makes connecting the right ads with the best users more possible. Instead of canvassing large areas of the internet with an ad in hopes of someone liking it, you can find social media users who like similar products, are in your area, or have friends who use your services. For companies looking to grow, social media is a dream come true.

Advertisers typically pay for the ads whenever someone clicks on the link, image, or promotional offer. Before purchasing the ad, social media companies will quote you a cost per click. This type of marketing is often referred to as pay-per-click or PPC. The more competitive the marketplace or detailed the targeting, the higher the price will likely be for each user click.

Demonstrating Results with ROI

A great advantage of social media advertising is that marketers can measure each ad’s or ad campaign’s effectiveness. When you run a campaign, you will see how much you must spend for each new customer and sale. The data social media companies provide advertisers enables you to fine-tune ads and constantly refine audiences for optimal results.

Compare this to other forms of digital marketing where measuring effectiveness is harder. Social media advertising gives immediate analytics to back up your efforts.

Social Media Advertising & Social Media Marketing

Clicklabs offers full-service marketing support to set your brand apart. We help you monetize social profiles with maximum reach in ways true to your story and goals. We help our clients manage paid social media advertising campaigns where we identify target audiences, list keywords, and draft promotions and ad copy in your voice.

In addition, we also provide social media marketing services. What’s the difference between social media marketing and social media advertising?

While social media advertising focuses on paid ads, social media marketing encompasses everything else a company does to build an online profile. It’s essential to establish consumer trust and long-term brand performance.

When a customer or lead clicks on a paid ad, they often look at your social media profile, past posts, and customer engagement before they purchase. Effective marketers know that building a solid social media marketing strategy is vital to any paid campaign. People look for things like the number of likes, comments, and how often you post.

At Clicklabs, we give clients the option of outsourcing their social media marketing to our team of experts. We put your company on a solid footing across social media platforms, making your paid advertising more effective.

The Benefits of Social Media Advertising

More FollowersCreate an audience with emotional ties to your story and company. Great paid ads draw people in and make them want to be a part of your journey.

Generate More LeadsGet the high-quality leads you’re searching for. Expert social media advertising helps small companies grow and keeps larger businesses relevant.

AnalyticsA fantastic thing about paid ads is you can A/B test promotional offers, images, text length, and targeted audiences to find your niche. Put some ads out, test them, and refine them as you go!

Increased Direct SalesPaid ads create a more direct path from customer to product and purchase. You can build specific promotional landing pages or get them to your main website.